Why Choose Why Choose Richmond?

We are the UK’s largest Early Phase CRO and the only one with standard and supplementary MHRA accreditation for two clinical trials centres.

All data management staff have in depth knowledge and experience of early phase trials and the tight timelines required. The demands of a quick turn around time for data from early phase trials ensures Richmond’s data management staff are able to meet all timeline challenges, whilst maintaining the highest level of quality.

Our team have successfully delivered data management, statistical analysis and medical reporting for more than 150 studies and have delivered in excess of 200 safety review datasets for Safety Review Committees for numerous pharmaceutical sponsors with consistently a high standard.

The best way to quantify how good the service is that you are providing is by examining how much of your business is repeat business. Currently 53% of all data management work is from repeating customers. Whilst repeat business is important we also understand that this should not be relied upon and Richmond Pharmacology ensure that the blend of new and repeat business has approximately a fifty percent split.

The volume of work that clients give us is immaterial. All clients are treated in the same exemplary way no matter what the volume of data management we are asked to do is. Our aim is to build and maintain business relationships with our clients to increase efficiencies and reduce overall costs. We deliver our services by applying synergies wherever possible and consistently provide a quality product.

We have been successfully awarded the Phase 1 MHRA accreditation – which included a full review of DM practices and processes.

RPL data management have worked on a wide range of study types – QTc, Bridging, PK/PD, First in Man, Bioequivalence and utilised many Data Processing Models

Case studies

The thorough approach to QTc studies ("Your perfect partner for conducting definitive thorough QT studies, all under one roof")

Timelines, Tight Timelines and Even Tighter Timelines in a Phase I Environment (We know we can help your business. We always rise to the challenge)