About Us Expertise of Staff – ‘Under One Roof’

Our core data management team all have backgrounds within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO industries. This knowledge coupled with Richmond Pharmacology’s intensive in house training programmes ensure all data management staff work to the highest clinical standards with an unparalleled understanding of both industry and CRO standards and goals.

Unlike many data management vendors, Richmond Pharmacology prides itself in having all data management staff under one roof, from data processers to SAS and OC programmers, statisticians, medical writers and data management leads. This ‘under one roof’ approach ensures the entire data management team work in unison to deliver your data with an accuracy and efficiency that cannot be achieved with companies who outsource various components of the data management process around the globe.

Case studies

The thorough approach to QTc studies ("Your perfect partner for conducting definitive thorough QT studies, all under one roof")

Timelines, Tight Timelines and Even Tighter Timelines in a Phase I Environment (We know we can help your business. We always rise to the challenge)